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Legal support of business primarily in the form of subscriber-based service is one of the main types of activity of our law company.

Legal support of business is possible in the following forms:

Particularities of services we offer:

Legal support of business (subscriber-based service) on the part of the Magna Carta Law Company has a number of important and competitive advantages such as professionalism of our lawyers and advisers, accumulated judicial practice in particular branches of law, continuity of work as regards legal support of business, possibility of engaging additional lawyers to fulfill clients’ complex requests or in case of one-time projects requiring significant diversion of means and capabilities. We also offer services for legal outsourcing. All services are rendered to you in accordance with civil agreements, so that you don’t need to employ new staff and provide a workplace for such specialist.

Our experts will advise you in detail on legal support of business (subscriber-based legal service) by telephone or during a presentation.